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13 August 2011

"Chic is Where You Find It"-Coach Returns to the Cashin Classics

 "A Good Thing is a Great Thing Forever...I Don't Like In and Out Things"  Bonnie Cashin

I own a lot of bags!  I mean a lot!  But if someone were to say "OK, one bag that's it"..it would have to be my Coach Duffle Bucket Bag--you can put a house full of furniture in it, and though many have told me it is bigger than I am-- I adore it! and have forever!  I love it so much I own it in three colors, my favorite is the red.

The bucket bag along with so many original profiles that were the foundation of the Coach image disappeared in recent years.  Coach got lost as far as I am concerned---a sea of Cs is not what the classic American brand was built on...it was built on handcrafted beautiful glove leather and it was built on the designs of one of my true fashion heroines Bonnie Cashin.  Bonnie Cashin set her own course in fashion design with a look that changed the way American women dressed.  In the early 1960's the men's leather accessory company Coach finally persuaded Bonnie Cashin to design a women's line and it is the Cashin Coach that defined the brand long before little Cs were seen all over their bags...distinctive hardware such as turn key toggle closures, buckles, grommets,zippers, dog leash clips...with strong but malleable beautiful leather in styles that will never ever be mistaken for anything but a Cashin Coach bag.

To celebrate 70 years of Coach the famous leather manufacturer has relaunched 5 of it s classic profiles in a limited edition collection- Coach Classics is available only at Coach.com and Net-a-Porter along with a handful of Coach boutiques. These styles remain as chic as they did 40 years ago--they aren't going anywhere and I for one applaud their return to the shelves,..not a C in site...Bonnie would approve!