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24 July 2010

A Beloved Enemy-In Appreciation, Daniel Schorr

"How can you be a journalist if you want to have everybody love you all the time?" Schorr asked.

During the Nixon administration Daniel Schorr was CBS' chief Watergate correspondent. He himself became a part of the story when in June of 1973 Schorr rushed on to a live broadcast of the CBS Evening News with yet another of his famous scoops-this time a copy of the Nixon administration's "Enemies List". Schorr read the list of 20 on the air only to come across number 17 on the list-"Schorr, Daniel. Columbia Broadcasting System. A real media enemy."  He was stunned but continued reading the remainder of the list. "I managed not to gasp," he later wrote. "I broke into a big sweat. This was the most electrifying moment in my career."

"He had a great way of irritating government officials because he always came up with the truth," said CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer

In well over 60 years this broadcast pioneer never stopped to think about making friends among those he covered, or those he worked for...he was about telling the story, telling the truth and he did it with a characteristic bluntness that wasn't necessarily tailored to the flash and style that would become television reporting. Come Visit Applause.

"Nobody else in broadcast journalism – or perhaps any field – had as much experience and wisdom... He was playful, funny and kind. In a business that's known for burning out people, Dan Schorr shined for nearly a century." Scott Simon,NPR