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31 July 2010

Absolutley Amy--Amy Butler Designs

"I've never given a second thought to being an artist. It's really who I am, and what I enjoy." Amy Butler

I don't sew...countless efforts resulting in REALLY ugly things led me to the decision that Singer and I were never meant to be best buddies...give me a pair of needles and a ball of yummy yarn and I am happy.  I am,however, a  true fabric fiend..bolts of gorgeous fabric stand in bins and on shelves as I dream of what to recover next.  I think I love to knit bags because I get to go on fabric hunts for that great lining.  It was on one of these hunts that I first discovered  Amy Butler's and her fabulous designs have been a favorite ever since.

 Now exciting news for knitters... Amy's new line of Organic yarn, Belle, and her accompanying patterns Midwest Modern Knits from Rowan.  
 Midwest Modern Knits  celebrates Amy's love of Vintage and her Midwest roots as it  showcases the joy she finds in color and bold design.  Come Visit A Well Appointed Life and Winding Yarn and see why I am I'm wild about Amy!