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11 April 2010

Treat Me Like a Lady-The Bag Lady Reports...Spring Style

This week the temperature soared over 90 and suddenly it's summer...WAIT! What happened to Spring?? OK, today it is 47 and things are shaking back to normal, whatever that is...The weather,however, made me realize I am really behind in my Spring Prep and if I don't hurry it will be August!  The winter turtlenecks and woolies are still sitting on the shelves and the boots are still lined up in the mudroom...time to open the windows, plant the pansies and maybe do a little Spring Fling in the closet. In the process of tossing and sorting I came across some treasures-vintage bags that belonged to my Grandmother and that I simply adore. Classic frame bags with French purse closures, petite handles, silk and leather lined ...and they still hold her compacts.
Kate Spade   
There is nothing like a new bag for Spring, but what has become of the graceful bag? I can rework my wardrobe for a new season but not without the addition of a new bag...or three.  The problem in recent seasons, even for this Bag Lady, has been that the bag world has gone klutzy. I am all for oversized mini-suitcases given what I toss into a bag, but what happened to a bag being a compliment to a look-so many bags shown at retail arrive 2 hours before the rest of you...and many are just plain ugly.  For Spring, I love a Classic Lady-Like look, crisp lines, delicate details, happy colors and oozing elegance.

I want a bag that is reminiscent of Nana's bags and my Mom's handbags that I grew up playing dress up with, bags that emulated the style of all of our fashion icons-Coco, Jackie, Audrey and Grace...

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