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18 December 2016

Pretty Pages Please-The Precious Perfect Gift -Books!

 "A Book is a Dream You Hold in Your Hand"-Neil Gaiman

I believe in books-real books.  Books with deckle edged pages and firm covers that welcome you into a wonderful story filled with characters who become friends or foes for life.  I admit to owning a Kindle and that after fussing about owning one for awhile I like it-especially for traveling when lugging pounds of books can cost you airline dollars...but for the precious days when there is time to  curl up with a book as the answer to the world gone mad-I need a BOOK.  

“In books I have traveled, not only to other worlds, but into my own. I learned who I was and who I wanted to be, what I might aspire to, and what I might dare to dream about my world and myself. ... There was waking, and there was sleeping. And then there were books, a kind of parallel universe in which anything might happen and frequently did, a universe in which I might be a newcomer but was never really a stranger. My real, true world. My perfect island.” 
 Anna Quindlen, How Reading Changed My Life

 Can there be a more perfect gift than a book??  Can't imagine a fruitcake or silly mug bringing the joy that reading a wonderful book can.  By all means dive into Best Sellers and Best of 2016 Lists but books are also an art form I feel and there are some beautiful books to treasure-especially if you are giving to a book lover or new reader.  Of course books should not just sit on a shelf but when they are there they can look amazing!  Love Juniper Books special series of beautifully bound classics with fabulous shelf appeal-See the whole collection- I want to design a library around these!

My favorite paper company, Rifle Paper has designed a series of classics for Puffin Books 
that you can purchase individually or as a lovely set-cannot imagine a better invitation to beloved classics than these covers!

Juniper Books also offers a great opportunity create your own Puffin Book set-they offer ready collected sets of 8 or curate your own by choosing 1-11 classic titles to love forever!
Covers call you into a great book and I love collecting my favorite reads in new editions-Penguin Classics bi-centennial editions of two Jane Austen faves I found at Anthropologie are great!

Another favorite spot for book lovers  is Litographs.  They take the words from great books and create art to wear or carry or hang on the wall-I love looking at each and guessing the titles without peeking at the description--this one, you figure out the title,  features over 40,000 words...such fun!
So, give pretty pages this year-promise that each time that book is opened you will be remembered. 

  THE  most important and special book-loving present you can give,however, is the gift of reading and being read to.  In a world with incessant distraction and unequal access to resources, giving a book, and the chance to become a reader, is a forever gift!!!

PLEASE visit these organizations this season and help them in their wonderful work to get books into kids hands who may not have access to them and to encourage and grow generations of readers-what could be a better gift!

Read to Grow

Room to Read

Reading is Fundamental 


First Book