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03 April 2016

Color Me Happy! Coloring Books are en Vogue

A new box of Crayolas is one of my favorite things...Some of us never stopped coloring which is why the whole Adult Coloring Book Craze has blown right by me since my crayon box is always open! I collect coloring books and have two new ones just published featuring some cute friends of mine (Angelsfromtheattic.com)  So Color Me Happy! when I learned of both American Vogue and British Vogue's new Coloring Books!
 American Vogue's first ever coloring book, Vogue Colors A-Z A Fashion Coloring Book features an A-Z of iconic Vogue covers from 1912-1932 with full color images and a six page fold-out of 21 glamorous dresses to color.

British Vogue's Vogue Colouring Book is filled with illustrations inspired by the glorious fashion photography and stye of the 1950s from Dior to Givenchy, Balenciaga and Chanel-hats, pearls, bags, glamour that now we can fashion in our colourways....

How fun to select the colors of your favorite Dior Ballgown!
Now you can change a Givenchy to fit your color mood...

can you find your PINK crayon??

images via Vogue UK