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"What day is it? - 'It's today' - squeaked Piglet. 'My favourite day' - said Pooh."- A.A. Milne

20 December 2015

Really, It's the THOUGHT that Counts!


 I know! I know! The clock is ticking...you cannot find a parking space...every store is out of wrapping paper and scotch tape...everything looks picked over and depressing...the check out line is out the door ...you cannot find the size you want... and you need an Advil! STOP...Close your eyes, and BREATHE! Now slowly open them and take a hard look at what you have in your hand and ask yourself 3 questions..."Do I like this?" " Would I want to receive this?" "Does this say Thank you...I Care...Happy Holidays, or does it just say I need to get this done"????...take a sec and Give it Some THOUGHT!

My philosophy about Gift Giving has always been ..."Think Before You Wrap!" It is easy in the Holiday crazies, especially as THE day gets closer, to "just do it", to buy ANYTHING to be done. I really do believe that it is better to give nothing, or to just send a card, than to give a mindless or useless gift that will end up in the bottom of a drawer or worse a trash bag...how wasteful and really how insulting. How do you feel when you open a thoughtless gift?  STOP!  SLOW DOWN!  Sit Down...and THINK!  Pour a cup of tea and ponder.

  Now I can fill a shopping bag better than anyone,and I definitely get caught up in the "just one more gift" crazies or the "one for him, three for me" routine, but sometimes the CARE gets lost at the bottom of the bag.  We live in an overly consumed consumer age...and clearly it has taken its toll, and we all are paying the price. I have found myself of late popping in and out of stores thinking "why is all this stuff here"...so much out there that is just "stuff".  Where is the Wonderful? Where is the Beautiful? Where is the Special...and Where is the Thought?? If I see one more box of peppermint bark...well let's hope I don't!

Truly I am NOT saying Don't Shop... My Gosh! I would be put to bed if that ever happened! What I am saying is- Shop Smart, Shop Carefully, Shop with your Heart and your Head. Put some thought into it! 

Care about the money you are spending, and care about who you are giving to, care about the gift you are giving!  ...and Care about those who have nothing to open this holiday season.  Lost in the wrapping and ribbon are the millions who really do need our thoughts and to be shown we care! Visit Changing the Present, CommonThreadz and Presents for Purpose and Wrap Up the Holidays in a better way!