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30 November 2015

Skip the Sale...Go on a Holiday-BIG Screen Style!

I know there is some unwritten law that we are supposed to be shopping this weekend...but I am sitting this one out.  Maybe it is the over 1200 emails I have deleted since Tuesday night with HURRY HURRY HURRY sales offers that if I didn't take advantage of
 I would never see such a deal again...until the next day. 
Maybe it is that I don't like the stress of being told SHOP NOW!  or maybe I believe that holiday weekends should be about doing what you want to do. 
 So, I took a Holiday, a Roman Holiday! 

 I have watched Roman Holiday (1953), William Wyler's princess gone AWOL Fairy Tale, a thousand times but never on the BIG screen.  Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies  have a great series showing classic films on big screens nationwide.   I worry that in our on the go world, where we can watch anything on any device no matter how small, that we lose what movie going is all about--it should be an event, and films that were shot to be seen on a big screen should be seen on a big screen.
 When I saw that one of my all time favorite films was being shown, I knew all shopping could wait!  Hepburn, Peck, Rome, big screen...you betcha!

Roman Holiday was Audrey Hepburn's first film...she was not the first choice for the role of "Smitty", the Princess who runs away for a great adventure in Rome.  She runs straight into the arms of Gregory Peck...not a bad day Princess.  Audrey of course owned the screen and became an instant star.  

Gregory Peck had it in his contract that his name would be above the title, but within days of filming he called his agent and told him that billing had to be equal, despite the fact that Peck was the established star, because it was Audrey Hepburn that everyone would be talking about.  Audrey won an Oscar for her role and if I ever doubted why, which I never have, seeing her on a large screen confirmed what Gregory Peck recognized...she was perfection, growing from restless young Princess who just wants to do whatever she likes for a day to a Princess who walks away from love to resume her responsibilities.  

Gregory Peck plays American journalist Joe Bradley who sees a great story, and a good payday, in the Princess he stumbled upon.  He doesn't let it on he knows who she is and accompanies her on her "day-off".  "Anya" aka Princess Anne, buys a pair of espadrilles, gets her haircut, eats an ice cream cone, recklessly rides a Vespa, gets arrested for her driving, goes dancing and eludes the detectives chasing her... and she falls for and kisses Gregory Peck-quite a day!  Joe Bradley in turn falls for "Smitty" and gives up his big paycheck and his big story and his Princess. 

Roman Holiday was filmed entirely on location in Rome and though there is no
 "Happily Ever After" ending, what a grand Vespa ride it is!  
"Rome, by all means Rome.  I will cherish my visit here in memory as long as I live."