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02 May 2015

Off the Top of My Head-The Magic of Millinery for Derby Day

 Could there be a better day to celebrate The Hat. 
 The Kentucky Derby is known as much for Hat  watching as it is for horses.  
You CANNOT do Derby Day without a Great Hat!

Hats and Horses may seem like an odd fashion pairing but you must have a hat..a great hat at that...to see and be seen cheering on your favorite filly.

The hats of course are often the real focus...
after all how can you see the race around all those grand hats.

There was a time when great fashion meant a great hat!

The art of millinery, however, is becoming rare,  as are the occasions to wear anything beyond a baseball cap or a straw beach hat.


Excited to see Patricia Underwood, one of the last milliners in New York known for her timeless  hats that every woman can wear, has a great book from
 Rizzoli celebrating hats... 
The Way You Wear Your Hat


Now...which Hat for That??  Happy Derby Day!