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25 April 2015

A Couture Comic Book- Girl in Dior

It's been a long time since a comic book caught my eye.  I had my collections of Archies and True Romance comics but those are buried in a box along with my silly putty, hula hoop and Malibu Barbie.   I am not  a fan of the graphic violence and often frightening images of many of the new comic book genres and graphic novels, but comic books have evolved and  I am for any format that gets kids reading.  I do applaud those publishers and artists who are reaching kids with good stories and images that teach history and portray great characters and tell a good tale.  When I heard of a new graphic novel based on Christian Dior at first it didn't fit for me. Paper dolls ,coloring books maybe...but a comic book??  I am thrilled there is a "conversation" involving the quintessential fashion house, most recently with the new film Dior and I documenting Raf Simon's first show.

My passion for timeless exquisite fashion starts and ends with Christian Dior.   I believe when you envision fashion and couture it is Dior. The influence Christian Dior continues to have almost 60 years after  his death is incalculable.  The fashion atelier seems like an unusual setting for a comic book/graphic novel but what a great way to introduce Dior's story.   Girl in Dior... Tulle, Cinched Waists, High Heels, Dramatic Hats...  The story of Dior may be  a real reach for the comic book genre, not to mention comic book audiences, but how enchanting!

French Graphic Novelist and costume designer Annie Goetzinger takes us on this wonderful Dior journey (the House of Dior has given their blessing to this book) through the eyes of Clara a young fashion journalist who was given the assignment to cover the debut and career defining 1947 Dior show which introduced the world to Dior's "New Look" filled with yards and yards and yards of sumptuous fabrics, cinched waists, bold hats. Re-energizing a war-weary time, bringing back grace and elegance after years of utility clothes and fabric compromised fashion.

"In the presence of casual wear, luncheon and afternoon suits, dresses for dancing, for the mid-evening, for the late-night, the audience is dreaming of parties, of the high life, like BEFORE."


"I had no idea, as of yet, of the nocturnal effervescence on the eve of the very first fashion show."

 The heroine of the novel Clara garners the attention of Dior himself and  finds herself modeling for the master becoming "The Girl in Dior".  Clara becomes Dior's confident and muse.  The fictional bio tells the story of the great couturier and showcases  the  brief 10 years of the legendary designer's work and rise to fame from 1947-1957.  With Annie Goetzinger's wonderful illustrations of Dior's work, sweeping skirts, perfectly draped gowns of endless fabric, elegant lines, timeless tailoring, glorious hats... the book portrays with meticulous detail for a graphic novel not only Dior himself and the behind the scenes creation and frenzy of the fashion house,  but also the fashion world that became Dior's... the women Dior dressed, the seamstresses, pattern makers, celebrities, fashion editors and muses amidst the post-war era that craved beauty and grace and the incomparable style that was Dior.

"It's not solely a question of walking elegantly in front of the stairs and between the landing and the sitting areas, but of passing through like a queen, of beguiling the public."

Girl in Dior is a great way to introduce a budding designer, editor or fashion historian to the couturier who defined an era... and whose mark  on great fashion will endure forever.

 "I dream of getting out of my heels. I dream of a toasted ham and cheese. But I'm in Dior, so grin and bear it!"