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17 August 2014

...and There's a Moat!

Every designer muscle in me is itching of late.  I think everyone should redesign their life on a regular basis-even if it is just flipping pillows, moving furniture about or buying yourself a new set of sheets.  You need that infusion of something new-it helps clear the cobwebs literally and figuratively.   As much as I love my 19thc little stone caretaker's cottage of a Moneypit I thrive on a challenge and am always on the hunt for my next project...think I may have found it!

It seems that famed French actress, and timeless beauty, Catherine Deneuve has put her 18thc Normandy Chateau on the market. Of course it is sublime, a reflection of its owner indeed.  

Ms. Deneuve's elegance, grace and enduring style are the stuff of legends ...and a legend should live like one! 

 With a truly cinematic facade, and its movie-set perfect gardens, Catherine Deneuve's home outside Paris, along the banks of the Eure River, has four master suites, a sauna, naturally many guest rooms and of course a cinema.  One can only assume that there are closets galore filled with Hermes bags, Chanel Jackets and decades of Dior, Yves Saint Laurent...

When you close your eyes and imagine yourself living in France...well, this just might be what you envision- everything one could dream of for a French Country Chateau. 

 It certainly would be for me...did I mention there's a moat?!!  I'm in love.  Call Air France!