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02 May 2014

Top This! Hats Off to Derby Day

Everyone has a "Gotta Do" Wish List and on mine- next to a Safari trip to Africa and Hot Air Ballooning over Tuscany- is seeing the The Kentucky Derby in person.  It's not that I am a huge Horse Race fanatic, though I do agree it is the most exciting couple of minutes in sports, I just love the spectacle, the "EVENT".

Givenchy Hat by Frank Horvat, 1958. via Bluetramontana.com
  I was fortunate enough to attend Royal Ascot which was a thrill even though at 5 ft 1" I really saw more of the backs of people's heads than the horses--but I did see the hats!

 On this the 140th Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs for horse racing lovers it is the finish line, for Kentucky lovers it is the singing of My Old Kentucky Home accompanied by a Mint Julep, for me, as much as I love a photo finish, its all about the hat!  

Wearing a hat to the Derby is supposed to bring good luck-and many take that seriously -as serious as they take their horses! 

In the seated areas of Churchill Downs, especially Millionaire's Row, the Southern Belle style of hats with wide brims all elegantly adorned  can be seen--down below on the infield is where the real creativity takes hold...and its not just women who horse up their hats.

Much like Royal Ascot The Kentucky Derby is a fashion moment-a chance to see and be seen where "can you top this" is the real game of the day!

via The Track Philosopher

When I go I know that I just want an elegant hat that will turn a head or two but won't block the view of the race.

I will need a hat that will make the proper statement!

A Hat to remember!


Now I know Eliza was headed to Ascot but on a Derby Day I have to ask 
WWAW-What Would Audrey Wear??  Happy Derby Day!