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13 April 2014

Last Call-The Final Season Of Mad Men

Mad Men Promo Poster designed by Pop Artist Milton Glaser via

  We don't know what Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has in store for his characters in the final season of Mad Men which begins tonight...but we do know that once again change is the center of it all. The question remains,however,with all the change swirling around Mr. Weiner's main character Don Draper -will Don change?  Don may exist in a society that is moving much faster than he can cope with, in a world that isn't waiting for him to get his act together-if he ever can, and that builds the anxiety, fear and pain that is so often Don Draper.  Handsome, brilliant,charming and a train wreck of a man.  A man, however, that much like the times he is living in must change or get left again.  Can Don become the man we think he really wants to be? With his life in shambles he has to start again ,but does he start a new chapter or just keep falling?  

Whatever lies ahead for Don Draper and all of the Mad Men characters we have watched make their way,  and try to find their footing, through the most turbulent of American periods, we have lots to look forward to--not the least of which is the extraordinary design of this series- Its meticulous attention to every detail of the period and of course...the clothes! 

 We can trace the evolution of the characters and dramatic change of the country through Janie Bryant's costumes-from the late 50's to the early 70's.  Housewife style, sex-kitten necklines, Jackie Kennedy hats and gloves, Dior's new look,  Mini skirts and Mod -Janie Bryant has captured and chronicled not only the period in American fashion but also the evolution of each character she dressed in pitch perfect style. 

 We know only one thing about Season 7-the clothes will be groovy!  Here are some fave looks from seasons past--Stay tuned!