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23 March 2014

Weaving Chanel:The Magic is in the Threads-The Making of an Iconic Fabric


Of the handful of pieces in fashion that we consider "Iconic"-The "Little Black Dress", The Hermes Bag, a Classic White Blouse...perhaps the one that can be reinvented time and again is The Chanel Jacket.  The fabric of Coco Chanel's signature statement is what allows it to be new again...and again, and yet remain the definition of a timeless look.


For Cate Blanchett's Oscar winning role as Jasmine French in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine, costume designer Suzy Benzinger dressed the character in a wardrobe that any socialite would covet, but as Jasmine slipped from society to breakdown it was her Chanel Jacket that she clung to for security along with her Birkin bag-both worn like the character herself. The jacket,however, stayed on Jasmine throughout the film  like a life raft for her-if she were to lose her jacket then all in fact would be lost for her. 


What is it about this jacket?  This fabric?  A fabric that the second you see it you simply know -Chanel!  Karl Lagerfeld has insured that what Mademoiselle Chanel put on her own back remains in every collection in some manner...and the magic is in the threads!  


Woven by hand , the Chanel Tweed is a parade of materials - boucle,  ribbon,  tulle, metallics ,even rope and cassette tape! and each time it is woven it becomes a fabric that only Chanel and the genius of Karl Lagerfeld can own.  

To see how the magic of this fabric is created do not miss this video:

 Behind the Seams with Chanel's Iconic Tweed

 Only Chanel!