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"What day is it? - 'It's today' - squeaked Piglet. 'My favourite day' - said Pooh."- A.A. Milne

11 August 2013

The Hydrangeas Get a Haircut! A Dead-Head Day

The gardens at Camp Mp started the season in glorious fashion.  The heavy snows of February seemed to serve them well and everyone was bursting forth for a wonderful summer...then came the heat and the rain and the heat and the rain-no no one is happy-especially their gardener!  What began as a magical year for the hydrangeas quickly became  misery.  A Jungle would sum it up well and a much needed trim back  was followed by scorching heat that burned leaves and heads that were not used to or happy with such temperatures.  So when the skies cleared and the temps moderated a dead head day from one end of the gardens to the next was in order. This never leaves a pretty sight but there are lots of buds that hopefully will give the hydrangeas of Camp MP another season---and whatever fell to the ground comes inside to remind me why I love them so.