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23 June 2013

Wanted: A Fairy Godmother for the Summer

Let me first set the record straight-I don't need rescuing-at least at the moment-nor do I think that Cinderella is a healthy fairytale for any young girl...but sometimes don't you just wish that someone would come and "do it" for you-especially in the summer!  Now I do not have any Ugly Step Sisters to handle, I would have dealt with them years ago!  Nor is there a Handsome Prince to capture-I think I can probably manage that as well.  I also can get myself ready for The Ball-no problem there!  But ...I could use a few waves of a magic wand just for the summer-couldn't we all!

What started this Fairy Godmother search???  Well, recently I saw an image of Cinderella knitting and I immediately said to myself-"Sure she has a glass slipper and all the time in the world to knit-I have yet to bump into my Fairy Godmother!" When was the last time I just sat and knit, or read or ... What if I did have a Fairy Godmother?  What would I ask her for? 

Well of course I would ask for good health for everyone I loved, education for all , world peace, an end to partisan politics... oh, and a month in Italy...not sure any of that falls into your average FG's realm but what the heck doesn't hurt to ask!  
Then I would get down to it-
Dear Fairy Godmother-can you please for the summer months...
  1.  Answer all my emails
  2.  Clean my House-and if you don't have time for the whole house then just do the bathrooms please
  3.  Weed the garden and while you're there clip back the jungle that is growing and don't forget to water.
  4.  Can you do something with my hair so I don't scare small children?
  5.  Get rid of the extended family of spiders that have invaded the corners of every room
  6. Wash the windows inside and out
  7.   How are you at repairing roofs?
  8. ...and by the way do you have a spare Pumpkin??

Arthur Rackham's Cinderella via

My poor Silver Girl is on her last treads-a sporty convertible pumpkin should do the trick thanks!!  So that's about all-no real heavy lifting,  I would just prefer to put my toes in the sand this summer and not be bothered with any of this---Hugs and Kisses!