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07 April 2013

"Are You Alone?" Season 6 of Mad Men Starts Tonight!

"Prepare to take a great leap forward"-Don Draper, Season 6 Mad Men

At long last Season 6 of Mad Men premieres tonight!!  When last we left Don Draper he was sitting at yet another bar when a woman approaches him and asks him "Are you alone?" 

For Don Draper, as well as the entire ensemble of AMC's Mad Men, this looks like the question that will swirl around the new season judging by the promo poster- designed by  1960s graphic artist Brian Sanders...

...and lest we forget that Season 6 of Mad Men will sit in the midst of 1968 so no doubt change will also be the undercurrent on which Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and friends will ride.

Season 5 of Mad men was dark and troubled and we were left with that question again- is Don Draper alone?  A question I think Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner will ask of all his characters in Season 6 which could be filled with anxiety, stress, upheaval and Mad Men style angst.  I can't wait!

We don't know much about what Matthew Weiner has created for this Mad Men ride, but we do know that whatever the new season has in store for Don, Roger, Megan, Betty, Peggy, Pete, Joan...the clothes will be fabulous!  Costume designer Janie Bryant never disappoints as she dresses the Mad Men characters to tell us their stories in pitch perfect style.

For a fun way to review and revisit the past seasons of Mad Men visit the series fave illustrator Dyna Moe's Tumblr- and if like me you are totally hooked on the fashion of Mad Men  check out  Dyna Moe's character Paper Dolls!