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26 March 2013

Rain or Shine...Look for Me in the Trenches

It may finally be time to zip up and pack away the puffy heavy coats and hats and mittens---fingers crossed!!!  Good riddance!  Just because you stash away the winter gear doesn't mean that the weather cooperatesSo what to wear to top  it all off in the new seasonTie it up in a Trench! 

The Trench Coat was originally designed to be worn by officers during the first world war-in the trenches...totally utilitarian with no eye at that point to fashion. 


  The Trench Coat, however, has since gone on to define fashion and is as iconic and classic as the little black dress. 

Worn by royalty, Hollywood stars, and style legends the Trench evokes thoughts of James Bond or The Spy who came in from the cold, foreign war correspondents, dashing leading men and even rumpled television detectives.  

 Edward R Murrow during WWII via

 Both  Burberry and Aquascutum have bragging rights to the history of the Trench providing a waterproof lined necessity during World War I.  The Trench would endure after both world wars to become an integral part of every proper Englishman's wardrobe and the epitome of British style.

There has always been something a bit mysterious and alluring about the Trench Coat which is probably why Hollywood embraced it -Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffanys, Steve McQueen in Bullitt and then there was Bogie- from the movie screen and Hollywod fame a fashion legend was born.

Beyond a classic and beyond Popcorn Chic the Trench Coat is one of the rare fashion pieces that can claim the term Timeless-
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and  For more on the history and style of the trench visit Aquascutum and Burberry and read The Trench Book  and for great buys on the trench visit LLBean  and The Gap.