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04 March 2013

If That's Buzz Lightyear Calling...Don't Answer It!


Here in my opinion is what a phone should do...You dial my number, my phone rings, I answer it...we talk!  REALLY Simple!  Been working well since about 1876.  

Here is what a phone SHOULD NOT do-it should not keep me up til 2:30 in the morning trying to figure out how to stop the annoying beeps it makes...it should NOT dance, sing, whistle, show me cute pictures of kittens, refuse to let me answer a call or at any point YELL at me!  Can you tell I bought a new phone!

Honestly, I'm not being a dinosaur here! I NEED my phone and I actually need my phone to deliver more than a conversation.  I gave up having a land line years ago so this little annoying piece of equipment- with no wires except when charging which it seems to need every 5 minutes- has in fact become for most of us not only a phone but also my traveling office.  

Harper's Bazaar

 At last count I have no fewer than 7 email boxes that need to be checked and "on my old phone" there they were with mail flying in all day everyday 365 days a year.  On the "new phone", however, no email arrived no matter how many settings I changed or buttons I hit or any insistent pleading or begging.  I don't ask a lot of a phone--I need my emails to arrive in real time and when the phone rings there should be an easy way to answer it!

How did this happen?  I used to have a sweet little pink phone in my bedroom growing up--you picked it up there was a dialtone you dialed and off you went...

OK so the cords could go, and speed dialing and voicemail would be nice, but really do I need a $350 phone with a 2 year contract and a $50 case and...sad to admit it, I do as much as I envy Wilma's phone. 

The smart phone world moves really fast-sort of like the second you drive a new car off the lot it loses half its value... with a new smart phone when you wake up the next morning there are 6 new ones all better than the one you haven't even learned how to use yet.

 I have been threatening to get a new phone for ages now, have even shopped it several times, but just couldn't seem to let go of the old one.  Change is tough- especially when you can use your phone literally in your sleep and never even have to look at where you are tapping...but even I had to admit it was time for a new phone.  Afterall ,the last time I tried to find out what time a movie started by looking on my phone, the movie was over before the phone pulled up the theatre's website. 

 So after dragging my ringtones for two years, off I went to the phone store determined to make the BIG move.  I was comfy with my old Blackberry Buddy, knowing full well "NO ONE" -or so I have been told-uses a Blackberry anymore.  It sort of became embarrassing, like wearing things from WAY back in the closet.  Yes I was tempted by all the bright shiny new thing at the phone store and that my friends use.  Thin, slim, light, sleek and big HD screens sparkled at me and I happily brought one home...

That was about 6pm on Saturday---from then til one of us fell asleep at 2am I played, and downloaded, and read  and watched instructions and still my email boxes would not get mail.   Finally at 7am I called the phone folks and waited on hold for an hour then spoke with someone who promised to call me back to help and never did -or maybe they did as the ringer wouldn't work and when I went to answer the blinking green phone icon nothing happened!  

At this point I missed my pink silicone covered dinosaur, the one I have nearly thrown in the trash with frustration over the past months at its lack of NEWness.  I felt like Andy in "Toy Story" who tossed his best buddy Woody away when the new toy with the blinking lights came along.  Sure, I want a new phone,  but I need a reliable friend who will do what I ask when I ask over any Buzz Lightyear.   By the end of the day my BB (Blackberry Buddy was back home with me!  and there is the promise of "...another new phone coming out in just a week or so that might work better for you Maam..." on the horizon.   So in another couple of weeks I get to do this all over again!  They said they  would call me and let me know ! :)