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19 March 2013

Does it Stay or Does it Go? The Art of Goodbye

Actress Grace Kelly-March 1956 Photographer: Lisa Larsen via LIFE

According to the calendar it is officially Spring-really!!  I am in  love with all the colors and prints this spring-fresh,crisp and happy and well springy!  So of course I have to shop! 


My philosophy when shopping for the new season is whatever I buy I have to give away something to make room---here is where it gets tricky-I hate to say goodbye!

True confessions-I am NOT a hoarder... but I do have a lot of trouble letting go!  After all, you never know when you might have the perfect thing to wear with THAT...or when THAT will come back and everyone will be buying it and I will have given the one I bought years ago away...and THAT I love and  THAT goes so well with THAT and THAT I wore when...and THAT over there is always good to have on hand just in case...and THAT I might need IF...

OK you get the point- I do not have the life I keep shopping for!!!  and WHY is it that when I go to get dressed in the morning I have NOTHING to wear!

 via Vogue

 So with a few new shopping bags filled with pretty springy things I MUST  say goodbye to the ancient, the over worn, the never worn, the loved, the beloved, the "I wore that when..."and oh yeah, the never took the tags off--lots of those for some reason!  Where do you start-how about with the shoes.  I know, how many pairs of black shoes do you really need??? --I can explain the reason for each and every pair, I promise!

Do you play eenie meenie minie mo...do you simply close your eyes and just pick...do you choose by the year it was purchased or by how much dust has settled on them since they were last worn...???   I suppose if my feet haven't seen them since the Clinton administration they should probably go.  Hard as this is the good news is two-fold-someone will have some fabulous shoes that have barely if ever been worn and...I will have room for ...more shoes!  Stay tuned for the further adventures of the Closet Chronicles-next up-Jackets!!!

via Vogue