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09 December 2012

Send Me A Card!

I live my life gorilla glued to an email box. I think at last count I have 10 email addresses that actually get used everyday!  I truly get loopy hopping from one to the other,checking and emailing and deleting, and sometimes I forget which box I am in and why on earth I am there. A very strange life for someone who loves all things paper.

Receiving a card in your postal box is always a treat - romantic and nostalgic in this day of three letter texts.  Yes, there are some fun and lovely e-cards available  -I am a fan of  Ojolie- but can you tie an e-card in a ribbon and keep it for years?? I still have the very first Birthday, Holiday and Valentine cards I ever received. I have cards from so many who are no longer with me but I will always have their notes and their love in an envelope forever, can't get that with an email! 


 Robin Hood Foundation

 I adore Holiday Card shopping and my favorite spots include Museum Shops...Whimsical, Creative, Elegant Letter Press, Artistic and always special. Don't forget to hop into Etsy and a new discovery Rifle Paper Co do it so well.


 The loveliest way to send a card this time of year though is through the many many charitable organizations that offer Holiday Cards with proceeds supporting their cause -My favorite stop for charitable holiday card is Cards that Give  
Visit for some wonderful greetings that Give Back!


 Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco                                     The Humane Society

This Holiday sit down with a pen-you remember those- and write a card that gives back and will say more than Season's Greetings...and go ahead-send me a card!