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09 September 2012

Waiting for Downton


In one short week the third Season of Downton Abbey premieres!  Alas, not here :(  but all the pre-press and teasers ,featuring wonderful sparks between Maggie and Shirley, have me seeing Downton Style everywhere! 

Ralph Lauren via
Of course I am crossing the Sundays off til January 6th when it is time for dinner with the Crawleys once again.  There are so many reasons to look forward to the new season not the least of which are all the unanswered  questions-will Mary and Matthew marry?  will Lady Sybil and her chauffeur/activist Branson stay together?  Will Lady Edith capture the man she wants?  and what about Bates??? 

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... but I am also looking forward to seeing the wardrobe for this season.  The new season takes place in the twenties and that means shorter skirts, shorter hair and change in the air at every turn. 

Ralph Lauren
 Ralph Lauren was obviously looking forward to it as well!  His Fall 2012 runway last February was a love letter to Downton style-tweeds, fairisles,top hats, and horse bits- Lauren took on British tradition with plenty  of twenties glam.

So what to do between now and January??  Well of course check out the previews  and I am immersed in  re-discovering the original British class style soap-Upstairs Downstairs.  So much fun to get reacquainted with the Bellamys and their staff, this series begins  just a bit earlier than Downton but goes through the war and into the twenties.  Upstairs Downstairs was amazingly ahead of its time as it took on some very adult issue for early 1970s television.  The characters remain as beloved today as they did when the series ended in 1975 and the storylines don't seem the least bit dated to me.  You may also want to watch the 2010 Upstairs Downstairs .  So while we wait for the Crawleys to return, don a top hat, and find yourself a chauffeur to kiss!

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