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30 September 2012

Going Home to Eaton Place-An Encore and a New Season

Tonight Masterpiece Theatre returns to Eaton Place once again-165 Eaton Place to be precise.  To keep us preoccupied as we wait for January 6 and the Third Season of Downton Abbey, Masterpiece re-runs the first season of the sequel to the beloved  Upstairs Downstairs  (which ran from 1971-1975) before the anticipated second season of 6 episodes begins on October 7.

 Though the first season lacked the intimate character development of the old series as it only had three episodes, the costumes and set design were worth the wait.  The new Upstairs Downstairs stars the creators of the original 1970s series which can be streamed on Netflix(go watch!)- Jean Marsh, who reprises her role as the cornerstone of the downstairs staff Rose, and Eileen Atkins who  portrays the new family's matriarch Lady Maud, The new series of Upstairs Downstairs begins in 1936  as the new family- The Hollands- move into 165 Eaton Place, the home of the Bellamy Family, Rose's former employers.

Production Designer Eve Stewart's sketches for 165 Eaton Place
The iconic old home  has been neglected and requires a restoration to not only restore it to its gracious glory but also to bring it up to the standards and needs of the new family and the new age.  For that task Masterpiece turned to Eve Stewart,nominated for an Academy Award for her work on The King's Speech, to take on the daunting task of recreating a beloved address, painstakingly getting all the architectural and ornamental details just so at this Georgian style home so many remember. The home after all is at the center of the drama, arguably the main character, and other than Rose the only character to return from the original series. Come Visit A Well Appointed Life.
  "This house is going to see such life! Lady Agnes Holland

The first season of Upstairs Downstairs encores tonight  on PBS for three episodes..and the second season premieres on October 7.   Check your local listings.