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23 September 2012

FALLing for it!-Casting on Autumn

Beatnik Norah Gaughan

As much as I love Fall I have to admit it takes me awhile to get out of my Flip Flops and into a Fall mode.  Typical New England September so far--gorgeous skies and warm days with crisp evenings have brought me to realize October is coming---turning over the closet, cutting back the gardens, pulling the sad and tired annuals from their containers, changing out the shoes and bags...but most especially my seasonal sorting through the yarn stash and pattern plowing for what to knit -are getting me ready!!!

Jem Weston via Rowan

Fall IS a Knitter's Season!  I am seeing inspiration everywhere!  For me fall always means re-energizing my knitting needle muscles.  The BIG issue of course is that I start too late and there are SO many fabulous options--I sit for hours plotting with patterns and torn out magazine pages spread out before me trying to match stash with patterns and patterns with stash-why doesn't this ever work???

One thing I do know for sure--there will be cables!!
Irish Knit-Bergere de France

...and Fabulous Fairisle is a MUST!

Autumn Fire -Maureen Moody for Knitty

Texture Texture texture is everywhere and when you pair it with a yummy tweed or  crunchy yarn...love!
Grand Tour Stole-Anna Cohen

I have had a Boyfriend Garter slouchy pullover on the brain for ages-inspired by Stella's of course and this sunny September Sweater has me hunting everywhere 
for the perfect Sunflower Yellow


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to see what is making me Run for the Needles This Fall-
It is Time to Knit!