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22 July 2012

Girl's Best Friend-The Perfect Fashion Accessory

Balenciaga Hat by Henry Clarke for Vogue 1954 via
Anyone who follows me here, or on Tumblr or Pinterest, knows that I adore classic elegant vintage fashion photography.  Recently while scrolling through my collections I realized a reoccurring theme in so many of my favorite images--sure there are lots of gorgeous shots of jewels and shoes and hats and magnificent Dior gowns,but there are also  lots of  images showcasing fashion accessories that have a wet nose.

Norman Parkinson via
Dogs have always played an integral role in fashion editorial as well as in the lives of elegant,influential and stylish fashion icons.  Puppy-chic can be found in advertising, fashion layouts and memorable images photographed by some of the most renowned fashion photographers.

Far more than a prop, dogs were showcased in the images and became a fuzzy  part of the fashion narrative that a Richard Avedon or Irving Penn or Henry Clarke was telling.

Dovima Richard Avedon via
As much a part of the fashion story as the classic Dior suit or Balenciaga gown, the dogs in these images were as important as the pearls or the handbag.  Take a close look at the careful canine selection for each shot-the dogs all complimented the fashion and often dictated the pose and look of the image being photographed.  In some cases the pups reflect the profile of their models.

Dior by Louise Dahl Wolfe 1940 via

Lisa Fonssagrives Vogue, May 1, 1950
by Frances McLaughlin-Gill via

Lillian Bassman

Eugene Vernier 1950 via

Lee Radzwill by Henry Clarke 1960  Via

William Helburn

Bruce Weber Vogue 1982 via
Contemporary fashion photographers have played with canines for couture as well-many emulating the iconic images of Avedon and Parkinson and Clarke...
Vogue Italia 1992

Bruce Weber via
Vogue Nippon 2008
John Galliano by Mario Testino for Vogue 2001 via

Louis Vuitton
Vogue Italia 2009

I love this great Coffee Table Book for all things Fuzzy and Fashionable 

Henry Clarke-Dogs in Vogue

Now don't you think your pup can be a fashion star too!
John Rawlings for Vogue 1962 via