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10 June 2012

Flower Girl-The Enchanting World Of Zita Elze

This weekend was ALL about flowers for me--at long last the sun appeared and I hopped out into the gardens of Camp MP and started the long overdue process of making Summer happen.  The gardens of course had made a serious head start without me--and it truly was a jungle out there!  June is for the peonies and the first roses and the Clematis and they all needed my undivided attention, but June is also wedding season and forget about the Groom, forget about the cake--a good wedding for me is about the flowers!  As a gardener I think flowers are an emotional connection to so many aspects of life-is there any single event or day that is not made better and more memorable by petals.

Perhaps this is why I have become so captivated by the glorious work of British floral artist Zita Elze.  I first discovered her wonderful and enchanting designs through one of my favorite Must Read Blogs Flowerona.   Zita Elze opened her shop near the Kew Gardens in 2003 and very quickly her work was showcased and she became in demand for weddings and bespoke events.  Recently she launched her "Living Embroidery" Collection exquisitely combining  plant materials with fabrics--I am in love!

"I would love to say everything comes directly from the soul. I really do not think of a recipe on how to put a design together, rather I let it happen naturally." Zita Elze

In addition to her work as a garden and floral designer Zita Elze has a Floral School- ZEDA, the Zita Elze Design Academy offering courses from one day to four weeks incorporating and encouraging the pursuit of creating from the soul...no recipes or rules, just designing from heart and passion and emotion-Sign me up!!

Zita clearly understands and conveys the power that flowers have to not only change a venue or a room but to also change a mood and lift emotion and spirit.  Though she is perhaps best known for her wedding and event designs I was also enchanted by how Zita collects and arranges materials, plants and flowers for every season and reason---wouldn't it be grand if she were close by--I would simply camp out in her shop!  Go Visit her lovely website and and galleries of her work and see why I want my world blooming with Zita Elze designs .

All images via Zita Elze