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08 April 2012

Not a Hare Out of Place-Fashion Hopping with Fifi Lapin

"When I was little I used to dream of being a famous model like Twiggy or Kate but really I knew it would never come true, I just don’t have the legs for it. So I gave that up. Now I am aiming for plain old fashion icon." -Fifi Lapin

The blogasphere is stuffed with fashion bloggers as we know, but no one has the ears for fashion as does one Ms. Fifi Lapin.  So who is this Hare with a Flair?  Fifi Lapin is the only surviving "hare-ess " to a carrot and lettuce fortune, she is a socialite, shopper and world famous bunny blogger. No run of the field rabbit hutch for this girl, Ms. Lapin lives in a London townhouse, her main residence and she also has a pied-a-terre in Paris and an apartment in New York overlooking Central Park.  In her handbag she carries "Some lippy and blusher, my cell phone, my gold card and a pair of emergency Lanvin ballet flats (shoes) even fashionistas get sore paws."  She has a fella, Sonny Hare, a BFF, Ruby Gatta cat and a puppy named Stella...and when she isn't shopping she is hopping from one chi-chi spot to the next-always in search of the next fab outfit.

 Fifi has been writing her Blog since 2007 and her readers have multiplied like...well, bunnies, with  fans around the globe. The world's most fashionable bunny has a wardrobe to envy-Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Dior, Burberry,Valentino...she has a front row at every important runway show and has been featured in countless  major fashion mags.  Fifi has also written a fashion style bible,What Shall I Wear Today?: Style Secrets of a Furry Fashionista-a must own for every style lover, fluffy or not.  Come meet Fifi and see some of my favorite Fifi looks by hopping over to The Shopping Bag Chronicles-Happy Bunny Day Ms. Lapin!

 Viktor and Rolf
When asked what "lazy  style mistakes'  humans make? Ms. Lapin wrinkled her nose and exclaimed:
" Jeans! They are obsessed with them. I admit they don’t look great on my generously padded tush and maybe I’m a little jealous, but, seriously, there are other options."


All images from Fifi Lapin