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01 April 2012

Charlotte By The Yard

  "...live passionately, decorate luxuriously, entertain beautifully and always maintain a sense of humor through it all." ... "Decorating is about breaking all those silly rules" Charlotte Moss

I could get lost in Charlotte Moss' world forever.  Her Blogs Tete-a- Tete, C'est Inspire, and A Flair for Living are all about Charlotte's inspiration-the world she sees through her camera, her gardens, her travels...a world of grace and style.  

via CharlotteMoss.com
I read a lot of blogs of course but it is Charlotte Moss' glorious and gracious scrapbook boards and posts  that I would be lost without.  Known for her interior design and philanthropic endeavors Charlotte Moss has partnered with several companies to create collections with her signature "Flair for Living" including a new collection of furniture debuting in May from Century Furniture, Halcyon Days-(see my post), Pickard China,  and even iTunes iMixes...and now Charlotte Moss can color your world  by the yard through her fabrics for  Fabricut which can also be found at retail at Calico Corners.

 “There is a place in all of us where creativity brews. Tap it, let it go, don't fear it; I promise it will never let you down.”

One of my favorite things to do on any day is "play with fabrics" and Charlotte Moss has created a joyous playground for me.  There are no rules on Charlotte's playground, you are free and encouraged to mix and make it your own -"Use your imagination. Be creative. Create a fantasy-anyone can do a floor plan."   

 Each pattern in the collection comes from a personal place -Charlotte Moss' own treasures, her textile collections, her travels, her gardens, her library, her antiques and extensive images and collages culled from her own camera.    The Charlotte Moss Collection for Fabricut encompasses a group of over 100  prints, wovens and trims for what Charlotte terms the 'the transitional traditionalist".   Of course I head straight for the Blue and White and a big bold pattern called-Caroline, reflecting Charlotte's collection of American basketry with a nod to David Hicks I would imagine. I can see a skirted table or as Charlotte did a skirt!

Each pattern also has its own muse, named after women Charlotte admires -"...women travelers and explorers who defied tradition and set their own path "...you knew what these women stood for, they had a mission, and as a result, left us legacies that inspire. They are like guiding lights." much the same as Charlotte is for me.  Come Visit A Well Appointed Life.

"You must learn how to live, 
play, wander,dream, see, explore.  
Then creating beauty is just like breathing."

All images via Fabricut