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14 January 2012

Color Me Happy! - Design Seeds

Ever since I can I remember I have been drawn to color.  To this day nothing makes me smile more than a HUGE new box of Crayolas...except perhaps wheels and wheels of paint chips...or maybe bolts upon bolts of fabrics...then of course sitting pouring over wallpaper books is a perfect rainy afternoon activity for me.  Whenever I want to cheer myself up I head to a yarn shop--not simply because I love playing with skeins of cashmere, mohair,alpacas and cottons, but also because a really good yarn shop has cubbies of color and anyone who has seen me at play in a shop knows I am always in search of just "the right" shade of...and I can be seen carrying around a skein just because I want the color! 

This week I fell into the digital age's version of a Crayola Box- Design Seeds.   This glorious playground of everything color was made for me to move into--gorgeous "mood" boards coupling wonderful images with color chips that demonstrate how colors play and work together.  

 Each board is a new inspiration and I found myself digging through my yarn bins to pull skeins  to match some of my favorite palettes  discovered on Design Seeds.

The site is a joy at every click.  I love that you can search for palettes by color value-find a chip and slide the R G B arrows to intensify or cool the chip you love then click on it to see wonderful inspiration boards using that color, pairing it with colors that play happily with your color choice.  My favorite way to search on the site is by Theme--explore the color palettes by seasonal inspiration, celebrations of the everyday or by nature, travel, edibles, crafts, vintage... there is color at every turn in our world and design seeds celebrates that in such a wonderful way!

Of course we see color in our gardens and nature...

For me,however, no matter the weather or where I wander I view the world through a color wheel-even the quiet has depth and tones.

Spend some time on Design Seeds and I promise you will see everything around you in colorful  new way!