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05 November 2011

Embroidered Tales

It may be a bit early for Holiday Wish Lists but when I saw the fabulous covers of Penguin Classics- Penguin Threads series I knew I wanted them on my shelves.  For the debut of the Threads Series Penguin selected three of my favorite stories to re-release, Emma, The Secret Garden and Black Beauty.  

 In honor of Penguin Classic's 65th anniversary, Penguin's Art Director Paul Buckley commissioned artist and illustrator Jillian Tamaki to create these magical covers.  Her whimsical illustrations would have been special enough but then she hand embroidered each one to fancifully express the tales that lie beneath each cover.

Created over just two months Jillian Tamaki's covers were printed and embossed all around and have french flaps-I love the surprise as you open the flap--the back of Jillian's embroidery! 

The three covers are not only a joy for those who adore fiber art but they also capture each of the classic stories in such magical detail that even if you have read and re-read them a hundred times you will want to sit right down and crawl into the tales again.

"Collectors Edition" has become a publisher's overused marketing tool as they struggle to create attention and interest in "real" bound books, but in a world where books are supposedly becoming dinosaurs how wonderful to see that Penguin has celebrated print on paper in such a unique,sorry Kindle fans, and  endearing way.  I want them all!