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08 October 2011

Get a Boyfriend!-Borrowed from the Boys

OK, your love life aside this Fall you need a Boyfriend---
Mario Testino
 Yesterday morning the temps were frosty and for the first time this season I had to grab a sweater---I was late so I reached for an old baggy pullover and was reminded how much I love that 'Boyfriend" look.

Maybe it was Audrey in the crisp white men's shirt that started the classic style of borrowing from the boys but every college campus has a football game sweater that you have to envy--now the Guy sweater is all "dolled up"!

 The "Sloppy Joe" Sweater  is everywhere this year and I am loving the look that Stella McCartney does so well!

 It seems everywhere I look on every page I turn there is another fabulous floppy comfy pullover borrowed straight from a boyfriend's closet but with a feminine sexy style...

Alexander Wang
Classic, often elegant and always scrumptious with Super simple stitches and gorgeous yummy yarns-I have to have one!...so of course I am running for the needles!  Maybe I can knit the Boyfriend too!!