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03 September 2011

A BIG Box of Crayons...and LOTS of New Books! First Book for Back to School

Nishan Akgulian
"We have a little girl in our program, a pre-school child. She liked her book so much, she slept with it every night under her pillow. She wouldn't part with it for anything!" First Book

I think the true sign of Growing Up, not Growing Old- just growing up, is when Labor Day weekend rolls around and you actually miss going back to school...guess I am all grown up because all I want to do is go shopping for a Big Box of crayons, some cute folders, new pencils and lots and lots of new books.
Nishan Akgulian
What's your favorite book? Do you remember the first book that was your very own? How about a book that inspired you? Maybe there is a special book that introduced you to new horizons, brought a new kind of magic into your life and set you on the path to a lifetime of reading?

Books are a treasure in my life and I cannot imagine my world without them. I adore Nishan Akgulian's whimsical illustrations for Bas Bleu, my favorite little book and reading catalogue.

Akgulian's work happily expresses the joy of reading anytime, anyplace,anywhere, and what a special role books have in our lives. 

 A teacher told us that when she asked her class to bring in a book from home, three of the students brought in the phone book because that was the only book they had." 
Kyle Zimmer, First Book

First Book works to get books into the hands of kids who don't have access to new books, opening a world of reading to them.  Come join me in a Back to School Celebration by supporting First Book-Please Visit Pearls of Grace