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27 August 2011

One for Shoe and One for Shoe-TOMS Gives Back "One for One"

"What if I started a shoe company and every time I sold a pair of shoes I gave a pair away and that way as long as I  continue to keep selling  shoes these kids would have shoes for the rest of their life" Blake Mycoskie

In 2006,  Blake Mycoskie was traveling in  Argentina and found that so many children there had no shoes to protect their feet. Deciding that he wanted to help, Mycoskie created TOMS, a comfy,casual,caring and very cool shoe company with an important mission-TOMS matches every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. "One for One". Partnering with humanitarian and health organizations TOMS and Mycoskie return year after year to provide shoes to the same kids as they grow.  So many children across the globe grow up without the most basic of needs-including shoes putting them at risk of not only cuts and sores but also disease.  Wearing shoes also opens the doors to education for  children as schools will not allow them to attend barefoot. As of Sept 2010 1 million pairs of TOMS have been donated to children in need in 20 countries around the globe.

TOMS sells comfy eco-friendly and responsible footwear with a stylish twist. The best known TOMS are a slip-on espadrille style.

The Artist Styles are among my favorites and  I love artist Mary Gregory's hand painted TOMS

TOMS are truly a great canvas to express a point of view-none more important than Blake Mycoskie'sCome Visit Pearls of Grace