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30 July 2011

K.I.S.S.-Dumb Dumb Knitting for the Summer Brain

from Oddknit.com
I firmly subscribe to the philosophy that in the summer the planet should slooow down.  Just because I subscribe to this belief,however,does not necessarily mean that I have learned how to implement it in my own life.  But I try, every summer I try!  I can be the definition of "Multi-Tasker", so for me taking it slow and easy in the summer means trying to figure out how to knit, read a book, tend to the hydrangeas and listen to a ball game all from a chaise.  I'll let you know when I get that down.
 In the meantime, since I am not willing to give up summer knitting, or summer reading, I am taking the 'dumb dumb" route for my knitting this summer.  Knits that don't require a great deal of brain-certainly in the summer I am like my buddy Pooh Bear "...a Bear of very little brain"-long lovely miles of garter or stockinette stitch or seed stitch in a yummy yarn.  Knitting a "dumb dumb" knit does not mean you sacrifice style,however-very often you find yourself knitting the perfect wardrobe piece that you find you never can be without. My inspiration piece for my current dumb dumb knit is Stella McCartney's pullover from her fall collection.  Slouchy, "boyfriend" casual...love it! Come Visit Winding Yarn for my favorite Summer Brain Knitting and remember this summer when you Run for the Needles -K.I.S.S.-Keep it Simple..St...