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09 July 2011

An Affair With a Chair

 "Comfort is perhaps the ultimate luxury"
Billy Baldwin

If someone told me I could only have one piece of furniture I would pick a chair.  A bed is a nice thing to own of course, tables certainly come in handy and I don't know where I would be without bookshelves, but when I design a room I very often start with a chair.  Not just any chair but one with character!  A chair can have a personality and can tell you a lot about who lives in the space it inhabits.

A good chair can look just as wonderful stark naked as it can dressed in the most exquisite or simplest of fabrics. A chair with "good bones" can "wear" anything,  but oh when you dress it properly!

I own LOTS of chairs, but the chair that I chose as the centerpoint for my library is my Papa's chair. This beloved classic Bergere chair has had many lives and worn a wide range of  fabrics over its more than eight decades.  When this sweet chair came to live with me I knew that only a fabric with joy could cover it.  Getting there,however, proved a bigger challenge than fitting it though my doll house sized front door. Come Visit  A Well Appointed Life.