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11 June 2011

Good for the Summer Sole-Classic Espadrilles

Every few years the Espadrille comes roaring back into style. For me, like a crisp navy and white striped T, the espadrille with its floppy soft canvas cover and jute and rubber sole has never left my shoe closet.
Cap Horn from Corz
 Sure they have been reinvented and redesigned with platforms and straps and heels and...but give me the classic and I have instant summer.
Espadrilles at Casa Hernanz in Madrid
You can find them in France, you can scoop them up by the handful in Spain and Saldarini 1882 in Lake Como Italy is known for one of my bag loves the Espa Bag which is a giant espadrille with rope handles complete with rubber and jute bottom--adore!
Espadrilles may have begun their life as a peasant's shoe but they have adorned many a famous foot...

...and remain one of my favorite signs that summer is here! Come Visit The Shopping Bag Chronicles for my some of my favorite summer soles.
Espadrilles from Chance