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29 May 2011

Beware! Bears on the Ice!

Boston Bruins Goofy Mascot "Blades"
 In the first week in January of this year the New England Patriots owned an AFC  leading record of 14-2 in what was a record breaking season for the team and its QB Tom Brady. They appeared unstoppable and no one doubted that the Superbowl was a given, and a win there would be assured.  The Jets had a lot of somethings to say about that and the Patriots went golfing in January.  Also in that first week in January the Boston Celtics had the best record in the NBA. They had already beaten the Miami heat in every meeting and though they were the old guys no one doubted they would be there in the end.  The Celts are the ones playing golf this week and the Heat are on the court. The first week in January was also filled with Sox Talk-with a roster like we had the question was how many games over 100 would they win, might as well skip the season and go straight to The World Series.  The team started the season with an abysmal 0-6 week which stretched into a 2-10 horror show.  They are now in first place we are happy to report!

  In that same first week in January the local hockey team, what was their name?, was two points away from 9th place in the league, third overall in the East.  No one talked about them, only die hard hockey fans thought about them, and the line around Causeway Street was more about ousting their Head Coach Claude Julien and GM Peter Chiarelli than buying tickets for a game. Wednesday night The Boston Bruins will play Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals against the Vancouver Canucks...no golf for these guys!

Bobby Orr, 1970
The Boston Bruins have not won a Stanley Cup since the Big Bad Bruins of 1972...There is a generation that has grown up without a winning hockey team to get behind, Yes there are newbie fans all of the sudden on the bandwagon... so be it..Hockey is back  Beantown!  Go Bs!