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24 April 2011

You'll Need a Hat-A Royal Wedding Must!

With the Royal Wedding less than a week away there is a lot of prepping to do!--Someone tell me why would you plan an April wedding in London??? wait a few weeks til the flowers bloom!!

I am getting ready for the festivities by re-watching some of my favorite Royal flicks  The King's Speech , Bertie and Elizabeth, Victoria and Albert, Royal Wedding, Young Victoria,The Queen, Mrs.Brown... most importantly though  I need to find a hat to go with my Bunny Slippers!

When I was little I adored trying on my Mom's hats --they were stacked in lovely boxes at the top of her closet and I would climb up on a chair to reach them. I still collect pretty hat boxes,but I of course  use them to store  yarn!

Little girls today don't really have that dress up experience since hats have not been a part of an American woman's daily, or even occasion, wardrobe for decades.  In Britain, however, you simply don't leave the house for any event without one and Philip Treacy is the go to guy for THE hat to be seen in. Come Visit The Shopping Bag Chronicles
 Your majesty,  how will a crown look with my bunny slippers?