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01 April 2011

A Fresh Twist for Spring-The New Twist Collective

One of the things I love about putting together the Spring issue is the incredible feeling of renewal and energy I get from it. Kate Gilbert, Twist Collective

If anyone had ever told me that I would look forward to opening an email as much as I do the happy announcement that arrives telling me that the  new Twist is "live" I would have told them they didn't know me at all!  Well I have learned that emails can in fact make you smile...and run for the needles!

The Spring Twist Collective is in fact live today and it is no April Fool's joke, but rather a delicious treat for every knitter who is longing to shed those bulky knits and cowls and mittens and hats...it's time for spring knitting and this issue of Twist is a joy!

Better Than Basic, Paper Dolls, At Jane's and Two for Tea are the collections in this issue which is  filled with a lovely mix of essential cardis and pullovers to "live in", flirty summer styles, classic transitional pieces that work through every season,  lacy socks and whispy shawls.  Come Visit Winding Yarn for some of my favorites soon to be on the needles!