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12 March 2011

There but for the Grace...Horror in Japan

 In an age of high tech connectivity in which we are unceasingly bombarded with images and information I often wonder whether we can still be brought up short, shocked, stopped in our daily track.  The horror and unimaginable devastation the people of Japan are facing in the aftermath of an 8.9 magnitude earthquake in the north coast of Japan,the largest earthquake in Japan's, history, followed by a ferocious tsunami- have done just that...
 It will be a very long time before the "numbers" tell the story-the extraordinary loss of infrastructure, homes, buildings and frighteningly loss of life is still unknown. For now we have the images that tell the world the story of people.
 We are all left paralyzed with disbelief  and feeling overwhelmingly helpless ...Yet act we must in any small way we can, if only to remind us that we are all connected, we are all residents of this planet and there but for the grace...Please Visit Network for Good for donation options including Doctors without Borders and Global Giving which has set up a Text Donation line-text JAPAN to 50555 to give $10