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19 January 2011

A Servant of Peace-In Rememberance Sargent Shriver

"Be servants of peace. Weep with those who are sorrowful, rejoice with those who are joyful,teach those who are ignorant. Care for those who are sick. Serve your families. Serve your neighbors. Serve your cities. Serve the poor. Join others who serve. Serve,Serve, Serve! That's the challenge. For in the end it will be the servants who save us all."
1986,25th Anniversary of The Peace Corps

Fifty years ago John F. Kennedy took the oath of office and on that day he spoke of a new generation, of change, of a country that would and could reshape itself and the world ..."the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.… Now the trumpet summons us again.… I do not shrink from this responsibility — I welcome it." The new President ended his remarks with a challenge to every citizen -"Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country."

Robert Sargent Shriver would become the face and the embodiment of that request..the personification of a call to a generation through his life work.  Perhaps best known as the founding director of the Peace Corps in Shriver's guiding hand The Peace Corps would help to fulfill the challenge that President Kennedy set in his inaugural speech on that cold blustery January day 50years ago. Please come visit Pearls of Grace

"Break mirrors", Mr. Shriver told graduating students at Yale in 1994. "... Shatter the glass. In our society that is so self-absorbed, begin to look less at yourself and more at each other. Learn more about the face of your neighbor and less about your own.”
Sarge: The Life and Times of Sargent Shriver