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08 January 2011

A Masterpiece of an Escape-40 Years of Special Sundays

                                                                                                                                           Downton Abbey
Sundays in January...what do you do with them?? The festive season is over, there are bits and bobs of holiday littered throughout the house...it is cold and snowy, The Pats are on bi-week and it seems like everything needs my attention...too bad!  Sundays in January mean the return of an old friend and this year is very exciting as that old friend is celebrating 40 years of  special Sundays.
 I grew up watching Masterpiece Theatre every Sunday night in the winter and spring... In many ways I actually credit my love of great books not to any specific literature professor but to Masterpiece Theatre!  Stories filled with unforgettable characters, handsome brooding men on horseback, women in elegant dress complete with hats and gloves...all with secrets!!  Proper tea, perfectly manicured gardens ...drama, humour, intrigue,English country houses, gorgeous landscapes...sublime soap opera dressed to the nines!

 It is fun to revisit the original Masterpiece Theatre episodes, classics such as Poldark, The Golden Bowl, The Six Wives of Henry the VIII, I Claudius, Pride and Prejudice, A Town Like Alice, Elizabeth R,The Jewel in the Crown... many appear grainy and a bit over staged in comparison to recent productions but beautifully scripted with memorable performances by extraordinary actors and all still a joy to watch.

The original and new Upstairs Downstairs

                                                                                                                            Downton Abbey
Upstairs Downstairs  of course remains the signature piece for Masterpiece Theatre, now known as Masterpiece Classic, and this season's schedule sparkles with not only the premier of the much anticipated Downton Abbey, from Gosford Park's Julian Fellowes with a grand cast including Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern and Maggie Smith, but also a return to 165 Eaton Place! featuring original series creators Eileen Atkins and Jean Marsh. Phone on mute, laptop shut off...Sunday nights are Classic!  Come Visit Applause! for more details on the 40th season of Masterpiece.