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21 August 2010

Old Time, Best Time-The Old Time Baseball Game

These images may conjure up the "ideal" of Old Time Baseball, via Hollywood of course, but for those of us who were not around to watch the game played in flannel there is an annual event that brings back those days.  Each summer  on a Cambridge Massachusetts neighborhood field  The Old Time Baseball Game  is played to celebrate the game we love and its traditions "...offering a glimpse of what it was like in the old days, when hundreds of fans would turn out to root for their “town” team in various local semipro leagues."

What could be better than an August evening sitting watching baseball played for the "love of the game"...without the high tech, bazillion dollar contracts, whining superstars, television breaks or flash of today's pro game...baseball  where the game is the star. Now in its 17th year, The Old Time Baseball Game is a terrific event which gives a loving  bow to baseball's past and a  look forward as young prospects, college players and even some retired pros take the field in original baseball uniforms in a small town game atmosphere at St. Peter's Field in Cambridge. The original uniforms and the history take the spotlight but it is really the charity support that wins this game each year. A tip of the cap to Old Time Baseball founder and organizer Boston Herald columnist, sports commentator and baseball historian, Steve Buckley, author of Wicked Good Year for making this annual fundraiser a special night for baseball lovers . Come Visit Sitting in the Bleachers and Pearls of Grace-Play Ball!