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13 August 2010

Bare Naked Knitters-Dropping More than a Stitch for Autism

Knitters are remarkable-they can create amazing beauty from a simple ball of wool, and they can also create a cure! A calendar of near naked women to raise funds for an important cause may not be a new idea -go rent Calendar Girls but near naked Knitters! is a new twist that is simply an irresistible hoot.

The 2011 Knotty Knitters for Autism Calendar came about as so many great moments do-around a sit and knit table.  Marsha Cunningham, Miss September, is the grandmother of two special gifts-twin grandchildren with autism.  To offset the many costs involved with their care Marsha had been trying to find the best fundraising effort when one of her Tacoma  Washington Knotty Knitter's group brought in a calendar done by some British knitters for breast cancer.  As they all laughed about which month they would want to be Marsha became serious about creating just such a calendar featuring her knitting friends to raise money to help autism research and help with the costs of her grandchildren's treatment.

The knitters in the group range in age from their 40s-80sand together they have stitched a calendar that show off ...their knitting skills! Each knitter is very tastefully draped and adorned in their knitting...These Knotty Knitters may have dropped more than a few stitches but all with style and a knitter's flair-be it behind a privet fence in warm woolie hats, wrapped in afghans,covered in a bathtub filled with blue yarn or in a handknit bra and tiara.  Shot in Marsha Cuuningham's backyard, the calendar is filled with fun but also important facts about autism. The Knotty Knitters have wound their way into some fame a lot of frolic and hopefully fortune, all for a wonderful cause...a grandmother's love for her grandchildren.  Go Girls! For more information and to purchase a calendar, Visit the Knotty Knitter's for Autism