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25 March 2012

Dressing Well is the Best Revenge-Mad Men Returns!

Seventeen months is a long time to be without not only one of the best dramas on television, but also my favorite TV closet.  At long last Season 5 of Mad Men premieres tonight!

Sure I want to see if Don gets married, if Betty stays married, if Joan and Roger even think about marriage, if Peggy Olsen takes over the agency, and if anyone ever empties an ashtray...but what I really want to see is what everyone,especially Betty, will be wearing.  

 Madmen costume designer Janie Bryant describes Betty's look as "... quite simple but so gorgeous. And you know, you still see women like this. That beautiful classic style from the period that they've carried on for their entire lives..."

Bryant defines Betty's wardrobe to reveal the character her role as wife and mother and her reality "...its about having that image and maintaining that sense of perfection, so it's sort of how everyone sees her from the outside and not so much what's on the inside." Beautifully portrayed by January Jones, Betty Draper carries a cool serene exterior that hides to perfection the fragility that lies under the cashmere and pearls.

Of course to go with all the wonderful clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry...Betty also usually has The Best accessory...Jon Hamm!

Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair

Come Visit Applause and see why I think Dressing Well is Betty Draper's Best Revenge!  Welcome back Mad Men-cannot wait to see what you will be wearing in 1966!

Images via AMCTV