P.S.-Pooh Says...

"What day is it? - 'It's today' - squeaked Piglet. 'My favourite day' - said Pooh."- A.A. Milne

27 March 2010

A Mouse in the House

But Mouse, you are not alone,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew,
And leaves us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!  Robert Burns

I consider myself to be a very independent, strong and capable woman.  I can handle pretty much anything you throw at me and deal with it with as much grace as possible.  This week,however, I came nose to nose with the one thing that unravels me---a mouse in my house!! 

At 2:30 in the morning I heard some rustling, feeling confident that it was not a burglar, I ignored it thinking whoever/whatever is in the walls and I would deal with it in the morning...HA!  out of the corner of my eye as I curled back up in bed I saw a shadow scoot across my headboard!  I flew out of bed grabbed a pillow and a blanket and spent the rest of the night on the couch sitting up with my cell phone in my hand-why my cell phone???  Was I going to throw the phone at the mouse???

I should point out that I am really not a mouse hater per se---I have always loved sweet images of little field mice found in my favorite picture books, Angelina Ballerina, Lily, Stuart Little and of course Beatrix Potter's mice are so very special- I guess Ms. Potter was OK living with them as they modeled for her...I prefer to keep my mice on the pages of my books not in the pages of my books!

 At break of dawn I was on the phone with the PEST company begging them to come ASAP!! Apparently all the rains and wet weather we have had have flooded not only all of our basements but also the apartments and mouse condos of every rodent in the area so they have come looking for a place to hang--uninvited guests are not treated well in my home!  After 3 hours of hunting and dismantling some deceased relatives were found in the basement, but not my night visitor. Bait was set and I bolted the basement door but in a home built in 1863 a giraffe can find access.  "You will be fine" my Mouse Man assured me so I went about my day and  that night with some trepidation I climbed under the covers...2:30 am there he was yet again! I threw the lights on, turned on the TV and the radio as I was told they don't come around if there is activity in the house, clearly this one likes to party!---by 6:00am I had had enough and started to work on my laptop- and sure enough he came back to watch me--at the end of my bed!  I locked myself in the bathroom and called the 911 version of my pest company.  Mr. Mouse was found in my custom comforter and quilt at the end of my bed but he escaped...and so have I, the bedroom is stripped and everything is at the drycleaner and I will return when every last squeak has packed themselves off to a better place!  Oh, I would like to think I am made of better stuff but this week I learned that a tiny little itsy bitsy creature, who is probably far more scared of me than I could ever be of him, can disrupt my world---there is a lesson there I have no doubt!