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25 January 2010

Windows on Design-Bloomingdale's BIG Window Challenge

If you happen to be walking past Bloomingdale's flagship store on 59th Street this week you have a real treat in store--well actually out of store- and through the windows. Three of Bloomingdale's windows have been dressed to the nines, designed by three leading home design stars who each have created a studio vignette with an individual personality and theme using furniture and accessories from Bloomingdale's of course. Eileen Joyce, Bloomingdale's V.P. of interior design, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, interior designer and founder of the Apartment Therapy Blog Network and Eddie Ross, designer/stylist/editor and entrepreneur designing for for Elle Decor , have each created windows you want to unpack and move into for good!

To add even more fun to this event there is a competition between these inspiring windows and you can get in on the voting! Come Visit A Well Appointed Life for a peek into the windows and the scoop on how to vote for your fave---I already voted for mine---They are all fabulous but---easy guess which one I want to live in!!