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15 January 2010

...There but for The Grace....A World in Rubble, How to Help

2010 begins in tears. The images coming out of Haiti after this week's horrific earthquake are simply too horrible to believe. We are left shocked and feeling overwhelmed and helpless. We sit in our own corner of the world, warm and comfortable, and we have to look and we have to do whatever we can.

How can a country already beset by poverty and political unrest come out of this? This country that was trying once again to regain its footing, that had promise of commerce and tourism, has been left in rubble. There is no infrastructure, no government, just devastation. The Red Cross estimates that there are over 50,000 casualties and what of the survivors...three million people have been affected by the 7.0 magnitude quake on Tuesday that left the capital of Port -au- Prince simply in ruins-nothing left,certainly no hospitals-food and water and clothing and of course medical aid are in critical need and it will take a massive international relief effort to reach survivors.

The reality is painful, and we cannot do much... but we cannot turn away. The hope, and there must be hope, is that if the world answers this call together each of us can make a difference. Please Come Visit Pearls of Grace for Donation Information.