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16 December 2009

The Play's the Thing-It's Kid's Stuff!

V and A Shop

When it comes to the Holidays no gifts are more important than the ones we wrap up for kids. We all remember special holiday presents, some of us even still have them. My most memorable gifts--- an Easy Bake Oven-who knew a light bulb could burn brownies, Makeit Bakeit and Malibu Barbie-she didn't use sunscreen either!

It's not easy shopping for kids- there is always the "must have" toy and so much out there -who can keep up with the "cool" factor.

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We all know kids who have too much in their toy boxes, and who would often rather play with the box than the toy inside...maybe because a box can become anything an imagination can create...this is why I take the less trendy road for the kids on the list. Come Visit The Shopping Bag Chronicles and we'll PLAY!

V and A Shop