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10 December 2009

In the Snood!

According to the Wall Street Journal the Snood is The Lifesaver for Retailers this Holiday Season-The Snood that Saved Christmas!

Donna Karan, Saks

Everyone from Banana Republic to Bendels and Burberry are highlighting Snood as THE Must Have


and you saw them on every runway and fashion spread this fall.

Alexander McQueen


British GQ even did a Guide to Snoods for Guys in a recent on line issue .

Now my concept of a Snood has always been straight out of the 40s...

used as a hair accessory that was worn by women working in the factories during the war to keep their hair away from the machinery and later became a fashion accessory which morphed as the decades moved forward

eventually to Hollywood ski slope style.

The new incarnation is a cross between a hood and a scarf---shouldn't that be a Scood?? A lot of retailers are not using the Snood term but rather calling it what it is- a loop scarf or Infinity Scarf-simple as simple can be-one big loop. It can be a Mobius, neckwarmer, a Cowl...whatever you call it you see it everywhere and I cannot remember a piece of knitwear ever receiving such Press! Gotta Have it!

The long knitted loop is considered popular because it brings cosy protection and comfy warmth as it snuggles around your neck or over your head to keep the cold cruel world away-almost like a security blankie. The Loop also works as a great accessory just hanging around the neck-almost like fuzzy jewelry.

Sure you see them in ever store...but Honestly! Run for the Needles! and get knitting for last minute gift ideas I think the snood is THE answer--no size issues and a quicky knit in any yummy fibers you like... Come Visit Winding Yarn for some Favorites including a few on my needles and around my neck...

Happy Snoodling!